How to Learn English Fast!

When starting your English learning journey, you should first establish to yourself, “Why do you want to learn English and How can you benefit from it?” Once you set your reasonings and goal, write them down and place them in a visible place, so that you have them accessible whenever you feel like you’re losing interest in learning English. 

Learning a new language can be a daunting task and it might take years to master new language skills, but with the right information, discipline, and advanced techniques, you can quickly achieve your goal! 

In this post, we’ll be sharing a step-by-step ultimate guide on how to learn English fast. 

  • Design an action plan for your learning English project. The plan should include the following steps:  Research, Plan, and Execution. The best thing about creating your personal plan is that you can customize your journey and pick tactics that will be most effective and interesting to you.
  • Do your research and find resources that will help you excel in mastering English. The best tip will be to use every minute you have while waiting in a line, while stuck in traffic, or even when cooking. To do that, download apps to study English on your smartphone to ease the learning process. There are a lot of resources out there, but we’ve prepared some of the best app recommendations to learn English for you. Thus, you can save your time and jump right into downloading and discovering these apps.
  • Start Planning. Plan which day you will dedicate to Grammar, Writing, Speaking, and Listening sections. Read some tips from our ESL Instructors and get inspired with ways to improve your Speaking and Listening. One of the most important parts to include in your plan is immersing yourself in an English environment. Find a study buddy who will share your interests in studying English! Try to speak solely in that language when with them. 
  • Don’t forget that learning English it’s not only grinding Grammar, honing Listening, and Speaking, but it’s also developing your Vocabulary. Set a number of words you would like to learn each day. We recommend starting with 10 new words a day. If you don’t miss a day and keep learning 10 new words daily for 100 days (3,5 months), you’ll learn 1000 new words. According to our experts, that’s enough to flourish in everyday conversations in English.  
  • Give yourself time to rest, and set “break” days. If you don’t want to have a rest day, we would recommend you combine fun and studying. Watch Netflix with English subtitles or learn English through listening to music. Select those movies in English that you’ve already watched in your native language. This way, it will be easier for you to understand and learn new words and expressions. 
  • The most interesting part of your action plan starts now: Begin executing your English language journey and practice with others! 

With these steps in mind, take a look at our language learning tips that will reinforce your plan,  get organized on your notebook or dashboard, and start Speaking English!

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