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My name is Christiana and I’m a teacher at Approach. And, I was also a foreign language student for most of my life. I have taken French, Arabic and Chinese and I want to continue to study even though I’m not in college anymore. Also, I love my phone and technology. Some of my former students know how embarrassingly long I spend on my devices. It is just not Instagram, I promise! I spend a lot of time studying foreign languages. 


It is also on a website, but to get the full features, I would download the app. Memrise is not just for learning language, and the company provides many different courses for everything. Their language courses are amazing.  It tends to focus on conversational English and vocabulary, but also unlike Duolingo, they have lessons on grammar. The app has amazing features like a camera translator.

Point to an object and it’ll translate it for you! They also use AI (artificial intelligence) technology so you can chat with a robot in English.  This is great for people who have trouble talking to strangers, or for privacy reasons, don’t want to talk to strangers online. 




If you want to practice with native speakers, I would download HelloTalk immediately. It is a language exchange app.  HelloTalk is an app that connects you with people who want to study your language and teach you their language. I use it to teach English to French speakers, and in return they teach me French. It is not as organized as Memrise, but it provides basic tools that allow you to correct someone’s messages, have your messages corrected, and translate features.

Because you meet strangers from all over the world you should be cautious. Sometimes people use the app for dating, and that can be a hassle. But, you can also use it to make friends and therefore studying doesn’t seem like studying anymore. 




Quizlet is a learning tool that allows you to create sets of online flashcards. This is great if you are looking to practice what you learn from Integrated Skills or Vocabulary and Fluency on the go. You can make your cards just for you. This app isn’t about points, not about competition, and there’s no pressure to respond to anyone. It’s great for casual learning on the go, like when you’re on the subway.

Once you add your information (it includes text and audio features), you can study it in different ways. Quizlet has its own games programmed to use your information. Once the cards are made you can share it with your friends and classmates. 



I hope these recommendations help you a lot. I wanted to include three very different apps that would work well together and for different goals. All the apps require you to make an account, but they have free features that are just great on their own.

However you can pay for a subscription to access more benefits. Have a great time studying and improving your English at your own pace! 


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