18 Language Learning Tips for YOU

Are you learning English? Do you want suggestions to take your language learning to the next level? Keep reading because I have tips just for YOU!




Level 1: I'm overwhelmed! I want to improve my English but I don't know where to start 😟

1. Substitute! If you want to be healthier, you might switch high sugar snacks for sugar-free foods and walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Look for simple ways to substitute your native language with English:

  • Change your cell phone, computer, and app languages to English. 
  • Shop online in English!
  • Watch TV shows and movies in English instead of your native language. 
  • Listen to music in English. You can find more artists by browsing genres on Spotify or other music apps.
  • Small changes make a BIG difference!

2. Choose realistic goals. I know that if studying for an hour every day is too much, I might not study at all. And if I make a long list of too many tasks, I might not do any of them! But if I start with small goals that I know I can do, like studying 10 minutes per day before I go to bed, I can do so much more! 

3. Are you taking English classes? Take notes. Read your notes at home: in each chapter, what grammar are you learning? What vocabulary are you learning? What subjects can you talk about? 

4. How do I say that? Search in Google “Pronounce ____” to hear the pronunciation and see the mouth formation of any word. For example: search “Pronounce world” in Google right now!

5. Find times in your day to regularly use apps like Duolingo and LearnEnglish Grammar.

6. Try, try, try! To speak English, you must speak English. It’s always better to speak more with more words and a lot more mistakes than to speak little.




Level 2: I'm happy with my language learning, but I can do better 💪

7. Laugh along with TV shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show!

8. Look up examples of grammar in television and movies in Linguaclips. Listen and repeat. Make it yours!

9. But my speaking... Talk to yourself in English! For example: ”I need to buy milk and...” Talk to your baby, your dog, or your plant in English! “Today I went to the store and then I...”

10. Don’t forget your textbooks! The books for your English classes are FULL of articles and examples of conversations! Read them out loud when you’re at home. Use the language in real life and make it your own.

11. Make real life goals. Say hi to your neighbor! Order a pizza on the phone 🍕 Go to the post office in person. Talk to the cashier at the grocery store. It’s hard at first and you might need to force yourself...but I promise that it gets easier and easier!




Level 3: I'm 100% devoted to my goals! I'm so close to going to college in English and working English, but I want a boost 🙌👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

12. Study all skills with BBC Learning English.

13. Get some help learning from TV shows and movies with Learn English With TV Series.

14. Use Grammarly to check the grammar and tone (formal versus informal) of your writing.

15. Watch videos from resources like Ted Talks and English Speeches. Write down vocabulary you learn and expressions that YOU want to use.

16. Write a daily journal in English. How was your day? What happened? How do you feel? What do you want? What do you need? Write it down in English!

17. Read regularly! Read free news articles on BBC or BuzzFeed. Find free books to read on Google Books. Here's a list of recommended books to start with.

18. Find more opportunities to LIVE in English! Look for volunteering, and activities on websites like Yelp and Meetup.


You just read this article in English...Congrats! You can do it 🙌

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