How to Practice Listening

How can I improve my listening skills? This question is one of the most asked questions I have heard in 29 years as an ESL teacher. The answer is simple: you can improve your listening skills listening.

Listening is the first step in any language acquisition. If you can't listen, you won't speak. Think about when you were a child. How did you learn to talk? If you answered listening, you are correct.

Now that you know that the more you listen, the better you will speak, let me give you some tips:

1- Pick up a song that you like, and listen to it many times. When you get familiar with the lyrics, sing along, and don't translate word for word. Lyricstraining is a fun app where you can practice your favorite songs.

2- Chose a movie or a tv series that you enjoy, and watch it again in English with subtitles, then without the subtitles. It is important to watch something that you have already watched in your first language. Pop some popcorn and have fun!

3- Turn on your radio to American radio stations and enjoy listening to the news and songs while doing your chores or exercising. Don't worry if you don't understand everything.

4- Audiobooks are a fantastic choice for those who love reading. 

5- If you are a PodCast fan, Spotify has many options. The Michelle Obama Podcast is one of my favorites.


There are many ways to practice listening, and most of them are free!


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