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One of the problems with test prep for TOEFL is there are so many resources that many people have no idea which ones are worth their time and which aren’t. Below are the most reliable websites and Youtube channels I’ve encountered while teaching TOEFL over the last six months. They are categorized into two sections. The first has resources for exam advice (e.g. how to write the integrated essay, how to answer Speaking Question 1, etc.), while the second has resources for practice (i.e. authentic reading, listening, writing, and speaking tests). A summary description is provided for each website/channel.

Approach ISC Free Resources for TOEFL Takers 

TOEFL advice: 

  1. TOEFL Resources: If I were only allowed to give you one recommendation, this would be it. Michael Goodine, the author of the website, breaks down the rather daunting speaking and writing sections into massively simplified tasks. His templates for both sections are the best I’ve seen. 
  2. IELTS and TOEFL with Juva: In addition to being a student at Oxford, Juva is something of a TOEFL-IELTS prodigy; she scored a 115 on TOEFL and an 8.5 on IELTS—both scores are comparable to or even better than what most native speakers would score on either test without (or dare I say with) preparation. Juva’s material is similar to Michael’s in that it’s intensely practical and accessible, but she has the added benefit of discussing the reading and listening sections as well. 
  3. TST Prep: This is a killer website with one caveat—the videos can be a little long. Having said that, Josh MacPherson is a gifted teacher, who provides insights into the exam that you likely won’t be able to easily find elsewhere (e.g. aim to take notes on the student’s problem in the first minute of TOEFL listening conversations, try to say around 120 words in your response to speaking question 1, etc.). 

TOEFL Practice: 

  1. Brandon Seo: Anyone with experience teaching TOEFL will tell you that you want to practice with authentic test content (i.e. content from ETS practice tests). Brandon has at least ten practice tests for each section of the test, and his answer keys are accurate (believe it or not, this is an issue with some Youtube channels for TOEFL). 
  2. Test Glider: Ok, Test Glider is only free while you’re on the trial and after that, it’s $59.99, but their content is legit (it’s created by TOEFL researchers), and what’s more, they have AI to grade your speaking and writing responses.

3. TOEFL Success, TOEFL Prep Academy, TOEFL GRE Prep: I’ve grouped these together because I haven’t experimented with any of them extensively, though I will say that each seems to feature free practice tests from ETS. I should also add that I have had issues with TOEFL GRE Prep’s answer keys and that TOEFL Success’s audios are regrettably not done with the original recordings—they’ve been rerecorded. However, if free, authentic practice is what you want, then these channels are for you.

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