Student Blog Contest Winner (Upper-Intermediate): The Warmth of Christmas

Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year. Family together around the table, a lot of food, quality time, nice music, and great spirit. In my family, we celebrate it in that way every year. For me, everything is magical about Christmas. The decorated houses around the city and shiny lights bringing their spirit make us feel excited about the celebration but, mainly, reflect on the year that passed and the new one coming. We all know that the Christmas base is Christianity, and for the believers, it points to the son of God, born more than 2000 years ago. Thus, there are some people and religions that don't celebrate it, which is totally understandable and needs to be respected. However, they can't say it isn't a beautiful tradition, and in addition to being a religious date, it is a fun and lovely holiday.

Christmas is more than a date at the end of the year; it brings some traditions for many families. For example, the gift exchange. People feel more encouraged to make others feel special with gifts; it is a good moment to show others you care about them. Secret Santa is a fun way to share gifts as well; this is what my family usually does. Each family can create their own traditions; whether it is a plate, a game, or a prayer, everything is valid. For those who can't do or participate in a family celebration, just spending time with a relative or someone important to you and being grateful despite the circumstances can make your Christmas day. I believe that's the spirit. Christmas is about love and unity.

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