Winter Quarter 2023: Student Blog Contest Winners

Karine da Fonseca - Elementary

I have a story about winter. Many things happened last winter; I saw many deers and squirrels in the garden outside my house. I'm living in the farmhouse, and I have a chicken behind my house, and it's such beautiful big trees. When it snows, it`s wonderful, but very cold too.

Jullyana Souza de Oliveira - Pre-Intermediate

Stay in a country different from yours is living an adventure every day; there are many differences. Here, where I currently live, in Connecticut, it is common to see black bears walking through the streets. I often get alerts from my daughter's school that they are in a shelter because has a black bear on the school grounds. I've also heard several bear stories here in the neighborhood where I live. One beautiful day, in the middle of winter, the white snow shining outside, I was going to throw out the garbage, when suddenly I saw the bear, there he was attacking the neighbor's garbage, I didn't believe it, and I was paralyzed. Then I thought, shouldn't the bear be hibernating? Aren't we in winter? I grew up knowing that bears hibernate in winter. Then I remembered that I needed to get out of there; at the same time, I turned around and went slowly back into the house; I couldn't run so I wouldn't slip on the ice or make a fuss so as not to attract his attention. Even knowing that there are bears here in the region, nobody is ready to come face to face with one. Was he supposed to be hibernating all winter? I don't know; I just know that, that one wasn't.

Eduardo Henrique de Freitas - Intermediate

I come from a "hot" country, a tropical country. I remember my closest friends trying to explain to me how cold it would be here, and every time they try to explain..I never believe it. Because you know, people have the habit to increase something more.

But I had no idea there everything they were still trying to explain to me was complete truth!  

And I was close to discovering Saturday morning was the first day I'd see the snow in my entire life, and I think, "you see, these guys were just trying to scare me". I had no idea the winter was change completed that night. 

About nine inches of snow was falling during the night, and Sunday morning, I put my clothes on, just normal clothes, and try to get out of my house, and Jesus! o, my God! I was frozen, and I just put my body outside for one minute or so.  I can believe how could this part of the country was. 

Alan do Nascimento Pedrosa - Upper-Intermediate

Before arriving in the United States, I had never touched snow, but I was curious about this, even though I was aware of the problems caused by snow during the winter. What attracted me was the desire to feel it, the fact that I like cold weather, and my interest in skiing which caused an episode in my first US winter that I will remember for a lifetime. First, although was announced days with a lot of snow, my friends and I kept the plan to go skiing in New Hampshire. Second, none of us had skied before. And third, because the person responsible to buy the tickets forgot to buy them. In the end, the car slipped several times, going and coming back from NH, and this was the only adventure of this trip because we were stuck in the rented cabin and we didn't ski.

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