Student Blog Contest Winners Spring 2023 (Elementary & Pre- Intermediate): ''What Does Success Mean to You?''

Barbara Paiva da Silveira - Elementary 

In my opinion success is being with my family and my boyfriend.

My father, my mother, my sister, and my brother are the most thing in my life, and my boyfriend is my big love. 

Success for me is having them forever healthy and close to me.

In conclusion, my family and my boyfriend are everything to me. I love them forever.

The key to happiness and success is to live near them for me.


Jiayi Wang - Pre-Intermediate

Success means freedom to me. I come from an ordinary Asian family. 

My parents and siblings are very good, but I still have the rigid requirements of that kind of Asian family. Take me in the past as an example. 

I like painting very much. Even if my parents support me in drawing as a hobby, my grandmother still wants me to succeed in painting. So in order to succeed in painting, I was sent to a paint cram school that specializes in teaching children how to sketch and traditional Chinese painting. I study hard. I listen to class carefully in the cram school, and I keep practicing at home, so I have been making progress. I have studied for five or six years. During this period, I did not lose my cultural class results, so my teacher allowed me to participate in the traditional Chinese painting competition. During my study and painting, I'm not free. I'm either at home or in the cram school every day. Hard work pays off. I got good results in the competition, and I succeeded. My family is proud of me. 

Finally, I can draw what I want to draw, and drawing is not difficult as before because the cram school taught me a lot. I go out and make a lot of friends who also paint. My friends teach me to make pocket money from painting. 

This is why for me, success is freedom. 

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