The Force of Stress and the Choice We Make

What is stress? Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension as the body’s reaction to the pressures of everyday life, a challenge, or demand. Most of us consider that stress is characterized as negative and harmful to our health as we experience feelings of fear, anger, frustration, worry, and or sadness. Yet, stress can be positive when it makes us face dangerous situations and apply the principle of fight or flight. It is also positive when it helps us overcome a new challenge such as winning a game, running a marathon, or going on a date. 

However, as you run out of all resources (physically, emotionally, mentally) and you start to feel overwhelmed, your body begins to send distress signals. Ignoring these signals leads to losing your capability to handle tasks and responsibilities. Some of the ways that can help you manage or even reduce your stress can be by taking a short break and taking a deep breath for four counts and then releasing it slowly. It is amazing how this breathing exercise will soothe you. Another way is to do something that you like to help you relax. It could be listening to your favorite music, going out for a walk, resting …. etc. You can also communicate your concerns and worries to others. Talking to a friend or a family member about your concerns could lessen the burden and make you feel relieved. 

In general, stress is a normal reaction to overwhelming lifestyles and one needs to learn how to handle it in order to stay on track. Once you realize what the cause of your stress is, you can take meaningful actions to break free from it. Sometimes, the most effective way to break free from stress is just to pause for a while and re-evaluate your priorities. Making time for your own needs and wants is a must one should not neglect. By the end of the day, whatever we are going through is the choice we make.

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