Empty Nest

Being a parent sure has its ups and downs. From hearing their first words, and watching their first steps to waving goodbye on their first day as a freshman in college, having children is full of significant life events. Having kids is to have our hearts beating outside us.

Our children are a gift from God, a precious gift that we nurture, and we do this with all our hearts and affection. We learn with them, and we learn from them.


But there is one big event in family life that we parents struggle with. That's when our children leave home. I often hear the words "empty nest" when the college season draws near. It stirs up mixed feelings: anxiety, excitement, and sadness. On the one hand, we are proud to see our "babies" go out into college as independent young adults. On the other hand, we can't help but worry over their well-being while grieving the closeness that came with sharing a life under the same roof.


So, what to do to get the better of it? Well, these I will tell you later.

My angel Gabriel left us very early and now lives with our Father in heaven. Julia moved to college three years ago, and today I am driving Clara, my youngest, to college. My nest will be empty, but my heart is filled with gratitude and love.


I am already longing for next summer vacation.

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