Student Blog Contest Winner: My Amazing Journey Learning English

The very first time I tried hard to learn English was on January 1st of 2020. I was in the New Year’s service at my church in Brazil. At that time, I prayed to God asking for help learning this new language because I always had this dream of spending some time living abroad. That year, I started to study English using Youtube channels like Liguamarina, EngVid, SmallAdvantages, Sounds American, and so on. These channels helped with the listening, grammar, and writing parts. I also paid for a one-year license of the App ELSA to help me with the pronunciation part of the learning. These channels and the app helped me to kick it off, but I felt that I needed more. Then I signed up for a one year of Cambly (an app to get conversation classes with natives English speakers) lessons. With these classes, I could develop my conversation skills, by losing the fear of speaking and unlocking the conversation chain. After two years, the result was amazing. I have learned more than a thousand words, and hundreds of expressions and I have talked with people from all around the world through my computer. Now, at the exact time, I am writing this blog, I am completing 4 months of studying English in the United States (at Approach International Student Center), I have met a lot of different people, and my English level is getting higher each day and I have seen, with my own eyes, my dream becoming true. Thank God!

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