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A new year approaches us, and with that, we want to take the time to highlight our beautiful community. This year we’ve had the pleasure of expanding our horizons- our Approach family extending from students to teachers to staff to individuals all over the world engaging in our free resources and community service efforts. 

Earlier this year we were tasked with defining our community- but to put you all into a few words is harder than it looks. Our Approach family stretches from dreamers engaging in our Free English Conversation Classes all the way from Turkey, Iran, Colombia, Argentina, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, and more- to hard-workers, such as over 900 of you, joining us from over 27 different countries, who put in the effort to learn a new language in a whole new nation. Our staff and teachers come from more than seven different nationalities, enthusiastically bringing in their knowledge and culture into our space, making Approach a welcoming place for all. 

The truth is, Approach constitutes a global community. We are dreamers. We are hard workers. We are students, teachers, admission officers, customer service representatives, human resource specialists, copywriters, and graphic designers. Our community is eclectic-never defined by one place or the other, one language or the other, constantly on the move- searching for more. We are diverse- full of culture, ethnic foods, different mannerisms, and ways of thinking. And overall, we are passionate- always ready to move mountains in order to help each other, guide each other, and uplift each other. 

We are Approach. And Approach is our home away from home. Thank you for taking part in creating our home away from home. 


Happy holidays, Approach family! ❤️ And remember, learning English is the first step toward your goals!

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