How Volunteering Can Help Improve Your English and Career

Volunteering is a great way to improve your English and your career, and it comes in many forms.


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Volunteering exposes you to a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds, allowing you to hear different vocabulary words, grammatical structures, slang, idioms, accents, and more. The more you interact with the English-speaking public, the better! Volunteering also gives you valuable experience to put on your resume. When an employer sees that you have dedicated your free time to helping others, without getting paid for it, they can see that you are a hard-working person. Volunteering is, of course, also simply a great thing to do. Helping other people is always appreciated and it also makes you feel good as a person. Overall, volunteering has many benefits. 

There are many opportunities for volunteering in the United States. In my own personal experience, I have volunteered quite a bit. I have volunteered at animal shelters, helping clean up and play with animals. I have helped at events such as Red Cross blood drives, the Angel Tree, Journey to the North Pole, different 5K races, food drives for my local church, a NH youth center, nature cleanups, and events providing formal clothes to those who cannot afford them. You can also volunteer at hospitals, senior centers, soup kitchens, the YMCA, translating and interpreting services, helping new immigrants, mentoring children/teenagers, homeless shelters, environmental agencies, and more. 

For a list of more volunteer opportunities in Massachusetts and the New England area, follow these links:,, or Google “Volunteer opportunities near me.”

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